Tiamat Reborn

Greenest in flames!

The Cult of the Dragon raid Greenest.

The party broke off from a caravan headed from Baldur’s Gate to Amn. Doing so would allow the group to investigate leads regarding The Cult of the Dragon and possibly hamper the cult’s goals, as they heard Greenest was next on the cult’s list. Unfortunately this information proved to be correct and the town was in the middle of a full out assault by the Cult and it’s Dragon Ally.
Recognizing that the town’s keep was the most defensible and secure part of town the group elected to make for the Keep before access was cut off by the Cult. Laucian Galanodel knew the Governor of Greenest, Nighthill and suggested meeting with the Governor to form a defense plan.
On the way to the keep the party rescued The Swift family and 15 other townsfolk, escorting them safely to the keep.
In the keep the party met with Governor Tarbaw Nighthill and his Castellan Escobert the Red. From the keeps battlements the party observed the town under attack by hundreds of cultists, kobolds, mercenaries, and even the occasional Drake.
Escobert shower the party the entrance to “the old tunnel” that led to a disguised exit by the stream running through the town. The tunnel proved to be both a perfect means of getting to and from the keep, as well as a living nightmare due to the swarms of rats that were encountered there. Gerbo Ningell‘s and Laucian Galanodel’s spells proved to be invaluable in saving the party from the horrible rat swarms.
The party cleared the tunnel and managed to capture a cultist and some Kobolds for interrogation. The group learned that the attack was led by Furlam Mondath a leader, or “wearer of purple”, of the Cult of the Dragon. It was also learned that a Half Black Dragon called Rezmir had charged Furlam with attacking the town to assemble a hoard of treasure fit for Tiamat. Rezmir had even lent the aid of the Adult Blue Dragon Lennithon. the cultist also divulged the location of their camp and that the treasure was headed north. Finnan Thorngage asked about his old friend Talis and was surprised to learn that Talis was a leader of the cult called Talis the White.
The group was then forced to repell another attack by the Dragon who did not like being hit by an epic bow shot from Finnan. 5 defenders died in the attack but many were saved when the Dragon disengaged. Darvin recognized Lennithon as the Dragon that had scared him and killed his family.
The party then saved the town mill and thwarted an ambush by the cult that was specifically planned to kill them.
Some time before sunrise the cult started to withdraw from town with the loot, but not before the Blue Half DragonCyanwrath issued a challenge for the defenders of Greenest to send forth a champion in exchange for a family of prisoners. Darwin Tallstag answered the challenge and was defeated by the powerful Half Dragon but survived the duel and saved the prisoners.
After the cult’s withdrawal the party regrouped, healed up, and met with Governor Nighthill. Nighthill requested that the adventures scout out the cultist’s camp which was rumored to be a half day travel to the south of greenest.



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