Tiamat Reborn

Scouting the Cultist's Camp

The group located the Cultist’s camp after defeating some straggling cultist and bypassing a rear guard left by the cult.
At the camp the group learned that the whole operation was being run by a half black dragon female called Rezmir. Rezmir was leaving the day to day operation of running the camp to Furlam Mondath and her right hand man; none other than Langdrodrosa Cyanwrath. The party also managed to rescue a monk named Leosin Erlanthar. The party learned the following:
Cult leaders are called wearers of purple
The ranking of cult members from lowest to highest is initiate, dragonclaw, dragonwing, dragonfang, dragonsoul, and Wyrmspeaker.
There are only five Wyrmspeakers one for each of the five colors of Tiamat’s Heads (white,black,green,blue and red).



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